8 Dangerous Products You Should Think Twice About Before Buying – Don’t miss No. 8!

Raising children can be the most joyous time in our lives. We have a primal urge to keep them safe and happy. Some consumer products have been proven to increase the incidence of childhood injuries, and unfortunately, fatalities. As with anything in life, if due care is taken, risks of injuries can be reduced. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff


In order to help raise awareness and keep our children safe, we have compiled a list of products that require an increased level of caution.


1. Laundry detergent pods cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Laundry detergent pods, if eaten, can cause poisoning and burns to the mouth, throat, and stomach. Other than ingestion, if the liquid leaks or is squeezed from the pod, it can cause severe skin and eye irritation and burns. It can also cause damage to the lungs if your child happens to breathe it in.

If you suspect your child has ingested or been in contact with an open detergent pod, call poison control for advice. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff


2. Balloons and other small objects

Balloons may brighten up a party, but they actually cause more childhood deaths than any other toy. Balloons, particularly those made of latex, conform to the shape of the narrow windpipe in children, leading to choking. Other small objects such as batteries, magnets, marbles, and bottle-caps, for example, can also lead to occlusions of the windpipecool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

If your child is choking, try giving them several firm blows to their upper back while they are in a forward position and call an ambulance. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

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