8 Dangerous Products You Should Think Twice About Before Buying – Don’t miss No. 8!

3. Pet food

Generally, pet food isn’t poisonous to humans, however, there have been cases of children becoming sick after ingesting dry cat or dog food. The biggest danger comes from dry food pellets for larger dogs combined with small, inquisitive children which can be a choking hazard.

Again, if your child is choking, try giving them several firm blows to their upper back while they are in a forward position, call an ambulance, and then follow these steps.


4. Toys with propellers

With the rising popularity of small, hand-operated drones comes the increased risk of injury, as this child found out when his eye was cut by a drone propeller.

With proper safety precautions, these can indeed be fun toys to play with. Follow thesedrone safety tips to minimize the risk of harm.

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