8-Minute Workout That Can Help You Shed Annoying Pounds

On average, we spend 7,709 days of our lives sitting down. And only 180 days exercising. But you can increase the latter number. All jokes aside, the set of exercises from this article will boost your metabolism which in turn will help the fat burning process. You just need to begin dedicating 8 minutes a day to exercise for a healthier body and a happier you! cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff


We gathered 8 of the most effective exercises. You should do each for one minute.

1. Pike push-ups

The initial position: Stand in the push-up position. Your arms are straight. Hands are shoulder-width apart.

What to do:

  • Lift up your hips. Your body should form a triangle;
  • Bend your elbows;
  • Lower your chest. Your head should almost touch the floor;
  • Push yourself back up by straightening the arms.

Results: Push-ups are perfect for building strong arms and the muscles of your chest. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Reverse plank

The initial position: Sit on the floor. Straighten your legs and lean on your arms.

What to do:cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff


  • Tilt the torso at an angle of 45° to the floor. Put your hands behind the buttocks;
  • Support the weight of your body with your hands and heels, lifting the buttocks;
  • Raise the torso, legs, and buttocks until they are aligned as in a classic plank;
  • Tighten the abs and pull them in, while moving the body up;
  • Hold this position for 15-60 seconds;
  • Slowly lower your body.

Results: You will love this exercise if you want to see a six-pack on your stomach. Also, it will help you tighten your arms. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

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