8 Ways to Make Your Hair Look Gorgeous

Almost every girl faces this complicated problem: should she wake up earlier to style her hair or sleep a bit longer and do a basic ponytail? We suggest that you no longer choose between these options: now you can have enough sleep and wear the perfect hairstyle!

Read our tips to see how to work with both long and short hair.

We love things that make our lives easier, which is why we’ve collected some time-saving hair tips that will help you look gorgeous in the morning.

8. Use silk pillowcases.

If you want your hair to be gorgeous without putting in any effort, replace cotton pillowcases with silk or satin ones. They absorb moisture slower and their smooth surface will reduce rubbing, helping you to “save” your hairstyle. Don’t believe us? Just try it !

7. Make a topknot.

To get a beautiful and simple hairstyle, tie your slightly wet hair into a high ponytail at the top of your head, wrap it around, and tuck the ends underneath after it’s gone all the way around. The hair will dry anyway and you’ll get voluminous hair. It’s also recommended to use a smooth hair tie.

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