How to Make Your Hair Longer and Thicker in 30 Days

Every now and then we look for ways to have shiny long hair. After all, hair is something that can give your face a requisite makeover. According to science, hair grows between 0.3 to 0.5 mm per day, 1 to 1.5 cm a month and 12 to 15 cm a year. Hair also takes credit for being the second fastest growing tissue in the body. But still, we all face one problem or another [...]

14 Handsome Hollywood Guys Who Look Utterly Amazing with Long Hair

We truly regret that long hair has lost its popularity among men. In an attempt to right this wrong, we collected for you 15 examples of how manly and handsome long-haired men can be. Enjoy!   Jason Momoa © Jason Momoa /   Brad Pitt © lagalaxy   © The sun   Jared Leto © variety   Johnny Depp © nadudle Chris Hemsworth © [...]

Essential Oils and Natural Remedies That Can Work Wonders for Your Hair

Beautiful hair is a real treasure for anyone and essential oils are excellent helpers to achieve this goal. They are extremely powerful and can be used for hair care, for its strengthening, for growth, for damage restoration, and as an effective remedy against losing hair. Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years and researchers found that they are highly effective in hair care. [...]

8 Ways to Make Your Hair Look Gorgeous

Almost every girl faces this complicated problem: should she wake up earlier to style her hair or sleep a bit longer and do a basic ponytail? We suggest that you no longer choose between these options: now you can have enough sleep and wear the perfect hairstyle! Read our tips to see how to work with both long and short hair. We love things that [...]

7 Superb and Quick Ways to Get Healthy and Shiny Hair

We would like to share some simple and very effective mask and remedy recipes that your hair will definitely like. The main thing is that you can prepare these treatments in less than a few minutes, and they won’t pinch your wallet at all. Apply the hair mask, fill the bathtub, light candles, and let yourself relax after a busy day of work. [...]